10 Best Gaming Headsets for Switch, PC, Xbox, PS5, and PS4 (2021)

I complain about the “player” aesthetics often, but in the case of the JBL Quantum One, the plush design and lighting are well worth it. This headset is pricey, but it’s for people who have a full gaming desktop setup and want the best immersive sound while gaming (or listening to music while working, like me). First of all, the sound is amazing. The wide, wide sound range and deep bass make it ideal for video games or for consuming any kind of media.

At this price, you will get some additional features in addition to the great sound. These headphones provide spatial sound, so when you set them up with JBL software, they track the position of your head. If you move away from your computer, the volume will drop a lot. Spatial sound also makes for a killer, sometimes over-stimulating gaming experience. It also features active noise cancellation and a crystal clear microphone. The only thing I don’t like? Exterior design. If it were a little understated, these would be my go-to headphones that I use everywhere and wear on a daily basis.

Wired only. Works with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Switch and PC. Only spatial audio on PC.

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