Apple’s September 2021 event briefing: iPhone 13, iPad Mini, and Apple Watch 7

somehow it’s september Already, which means it’s time for the new iPhones. Today, as it has done for the past year and a half, Apple has broadcast a virtual launch event from its site space ship headquarters in Cupertino, California. (These remote functions can last for a while, like Apple Pay for retreat Her plan is to get employees back into the office until next year.)

In addition to four new iPhone models, Apple also showcased some other flashy gadgets — including the new Apple Watch and refurbished iPad Mini — and provided updates about the growing service business and software running on its many devices.

That’s all Apple announced.

Hello iPhone 13

Photo: Apple

There are four versions of the iPhone 13 to choose from. They range from the inexpensive 5.4-inch Mini to the feature-packed, feature-packed 6.7-inch Pro Max. Design-wise, the visual differences in the new models are slight. At least notorious slit It is a little smaller.

Inside, each phone runs on Apple’s new Bionic 15 chip. It allows for enhanced features such as live text analysis, advanced map animations, and instant visual identification of plants and animals, all processed on-device without the help of the cloud. Storage options got a boost, too. Cheaper 128GB models and Pro phones can have a maximum of 1TB of space.

Could you Read our report on iPhone 13 to take a full look at its new capabilities. The iPhone 13 Mini starts at $699, the regular iPhone is $799, the Pro is $999, and the Pro Max is $1,099. Pre-orders open on Friday, and all phones will be available on September 24th.

Apple only briefly touched on the privacy features of the new iPhones during today’s event, perhaps because it was careful to avoid getting bogged down lately. photo scanning controversy found herself in.

camera tricks

Photo: Apple

Perhaps the most eye-catching update for the entire event was Apple’s new video feature for iPhones called Cinematic Mode. It’s a kind of video portrait mode that automatically changes focus and blurs backgrounds to get an adjustable bokeh effect. In professional-style phones, you can adjust the depth of field and focus even after shooting. There’s also the option to shoot in the high-quality Apple ProRes format.

iPhone Pro models received updates to their three lenses: telephoto, telephoto, and ultra-wide. There are also some new advanced options for on-device color correction and image enhancements that automatically adjust images based on the colors and skin tones of subjects.

The new iPad and iPad Mini

Photo: Apple

The smallest iPad I’ve ever had Big update. Apple has made the aesthetics of the iPad Mini more in line with others newly Redesigned Tablets. It’s thinner, with softer rounded corners. The screen is now slightly larger, at 8.3 inches wide. To accommodate this wider format, the Touch ID sensor has been moved to the outer edge. The home button is gone, and there’s now a USB-C port on the bottom. It really looks like a giant iPhone!

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