Cync Indoor Camera review: A manual shutter that blocks sly gazes

when is he coming to me security camerasMany of us have mixed feelings. Cameras can be very useful. We want to know if people are breaking into our house while we’re on vacation, or if our kids have come home safely from school. we want to Check out our pets While we are at work or see if Our children are safe And sleep soundly.

but we don’t You want to worry about being monitored against our will. You can turn off most Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras via the companion app, or unplug them every time you get home. But there is an easier way with Cync (Previously C by GEBuilt-in smart camera: just move the shutter to close it. Genius!

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in a my testI found C by GE products to be so Capable and affordable. This brand has not changed yet. This camera works well and looks like a lot of files its competitors. Its notable feature is the shutter. It virtually covers the viewfinder to reveal the bright red plastic underneath. The crossed out camera icon is a clear visual confirmation that nothing outrageous is going on here! There’s no guesswork and no pupil to know what color it is. Closing the shutter also turns off the LED status light and microphone.

Obviously, you need to remember to move the shutter down when you’re ready to start recording again. You can also turn privacy mode on and off from the app wherever you are, as long as the shutter does not cover the camera. So, for example, if you want to know that the pet sitter is there, but you also want to feel comfortable, you can wait for the alarm and then turn it off. They’ll know he’s not seeing them when the green LED goes out.

Of course, no shutter can provide 100% safety. People can get into just about anything: ring doorbellAnd baby monitors, even Security systems for large companies was hacked. New Eufy”Program glitch“Allow users to see other customers” – that is, complete strangers – camera feeds instead of their own.

When you invite a camera into your home, you take a risk. The shutter on a Cync camera, at least, provides an extra layer of security. As with any security camera, choose a strong and unique password and set up two-factor authentication. Cync makes this easy by setting the latter automatically (and you can’t opt ​​out). Once you enter your password, it prompts you to enter a verification code via email. You should also change the Wi-Fi password from the default the company gave you, and keep your cameras and routers updated via regular software updates. Also, you probably don’t get naked or do anything, that is, get terribly intimate in front of you Which The camera is on or off.

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Photo: Sync

The camera body is as small and unassuming as most cameras we tested. It fits on a side table or shelf easily enough, or you can mount it. It swivels 360 degrees on its stand, so you can face it anywhere before you go – this also makes it easy to mount just about anywhere. Unlike pan-cams, you can’t change their orientation in the app while watching a live feed, only manually – which might be a bonus for whoever changes your clothes behind the viewfinder.

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