Netflix’s ‘Sexy Monsters’ are ridiculous – and surprisingly boring

did people do Watching dating shows? Forget the high-minded justifications about contemporary sociology and mating rituals – the real reason isn’t deep. To be honest, it’s just plain fun for good looking people thinking about each other. It always was, and always will be. the new Netflix Reality series sexy monsters, who is the embodiment of a British show of the same name, understands this basic fact and designs its episodes around it, all while pretending to reject it. Instead of judging each other’s looks right away, contestants wear elaborate makeup and fringes to hide their faces, keeping hot or undisclosed until the end of each episode. It’s a shrewd hypothesis. Alas, sexy monsters It’s more fun to think about than to watch.

in every install sexy monstersShown for the first time today, three suitors vie for one person’s affection, and everyone turns into a creature to disguise their appearance. Tin man, alien and bull woo the friendly panda; The wolf must choose between an owl, a dwarf or a dinosaur; And so on and so forth. After the first round of dates, there is a first round of rejection, with the loser sent home. After the second round, the process is repeated. After each refusal, viewers and participants can see what the person sent home looks like. Then, at the end, the match-winning suitor meets face to face. The result is a show that allegedly is about taking looks out of the equation that is, in fact, a show about dizzyly anticipating whether someone you’ve caught in conversation is as ‘smoker’ as you’d hoped. (Contestants tend to favor body-conscious clothing, with tight dresses or tank tops meant to signal cuteness. It sounds like cheating, but OK.) The show doesn’t redirect the contestants’ focus away from looks so much as making them more focused on spotting the attractive .

When sexy monsters The trailer popped up, and the gorgeous makeup art and high-concept stunt were enough to generate thousands of headlines with hilarious jokes and dozens of reactions on Twitter. It seemed like a sure bet for Netflix. disguised singer, a competition show for vocal performance, has a similar conceptualization, in which contestants hide behind elaborate and fun disguise, and has proven to be a huge hit for Fox. I have doubts about sexy monsters“Staying in power, though. The end product is so boring. Host Rob Delaney, a talented comedian, so light as the narrator, you could have told me the AI ​​was doing the voiceover and I would have believed you. The makeup is really impressive – only if they included Kind of an extra behind-the-scenes episode about his on-and-off process!—but the dates are cute, with banter filling in the blanks. The bad guys and queers are highlighted, leaving a lovable but boring list of friendly folks politely prodding chin prosthetics to each other while laughing.

As for the latter, everyone on the show is just as good looking as the actor in a dish soap commercial, which is understandable (obviously picking bad-looking people to participate would be tough). But that means it’s a show where the reveal is always ‘Oh, it turns out they’re they were Hot, damn.” This gets old fast! In contrast, the masked singers on disguised singer They are always famous from C- to Z-list, which makes it a more diverse and interesting guessing game.

if something happens, sexy monsters It is the rare display that seems to work best as a file Which Show. If each episode was, say, five minutes long, it would be a stronger product, since the intro and the ending are the only compelling parts. But while it doesn’t get high marks for its entertainment value, it’s noteworthy for how outspoken it is as a dating show. Despite attracting attention for his quirky outfits, he has courtship demeanor that is more realistic than her dating rivals predecessors. One contestant admits she’s only there to break a dry streak, and she’s visibly relieved when she’s ditched. An American participant notes that the choice of a suitor from England makes a real relationship between them unlikely, but she had fun anyway.

I have always found programs like BSC And its results will be hours agonizing; The agreed-upon narrative that the contestants are genuinely looking to find a long-term commitment under these pointed conditions is, to me, unbearably ironic and unbearably ridiculous. With a few exceptions, the contestants on sexy monsters Openly embrace the absurdity and ridicule of its premise. They seem to be looking for a good time, to enjoy 22 minutes of Netflix’s fleeting fame. There are a few contestants, like party girl panda, who rave about their desire for a true romantic relationship on the show, but most participants seem to view their appearance as a commitment somewhere between swiping right on Tinder and going on a third date. This is refreshing, and lowers the moral damage factor – but it also lowers the risk dramatically. Instead of a dramatic rose party full of tears, monsters sexy monsters They are completely casually rejected and walk away without harsh feelings. There is no artificial heartbreak. But once the novelty of seeing people dressed as mythical creatures and zoo animals wears off, there is a distinct lack of sight of two cute and agreeable people who agree that they are cute and agreeable. If the offer is from sexy monsters As honest as the contestants were, she could have had a different title. but sure, Fairly attractive monsters but strangely boring He doesn’t have many rings.

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