Stunning new trailer of ‘Dune’ that will make you see ‘Dune’ in theaters

If you know Anything about a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert Dune, besides the fact that it kind of extraIt’s the recently modified movie that was highly anticipated for Long the time. Pretty much since David Lynch released his somewhat ominous version in 1984, fans have been clamoring for a bigger and better version. Dune film. It’s The White Whale of Science Fiction – a non-movie book that everyone wants to try. Perhaps for this reason, when Warner Bros. In 2019 it Arrival Director Denis Villeneuve would be next to give him a chance, and the general consensus was, “Well, if anyone can do it, they can.” The thrill was real.

Then COVID-19 It happened, theaters closed, and what was supposed to be the most anticipated movie of 2020 has become the most anticipated movie of 2021. Then Warner Bros. announced. That full list of 2021 movies – including Dune—It can premiere on streaming service HBO Max the same day it hits theaters. Villeneuve, a lover of cinema in every sense of the word, was furious, Writing diverse That decision ‘maybe just killed Dune The franchise’ by not giving the movie a chance to perform well at the box office. Today, the studio released the movie’s main trailer — and practically it’s begging you to see it in the cinema.

From the sheer enormity of sandworms to the geometric impossibility of the combined cheekbones of Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, this is a film made for the largest screen possible, preferably an Imax film. The spiced sands of Arrakis, the city-like ships, the stationary suits, the majestic floating figure of Baron Harkonnen – all these things look ridiculous on small screens; It almost hurts to watch this trailer on my 15-inch MacBook. It’s a movie designed to get heels in theater seats. (Side note: Did any of the terms above—or anything going on in this trailer, period—make sense to people who haven’t read the book? Sounds cool, but oh my gosh, it must be an uphill battle for those who don’t have a clue about What is “spice”? [It’s essentially a drug that allows pilots to navigate space travel; it also turns people’s eyes blue, and … you know what? Nevermind.])

In this sense, this Dune The trailer fulfilled its purpose. The big disruption caused by the Covid-19 theater closures has been that it has speeded Hollywood’s transition to releasing films on streaming services the same day they arrive in theaters. In addition to Warner Bros. Moving on, Disney also started putting on movies like Cruella On Disney+ this opening weekend. Disney proves this can be Somewhat successful model with Black Widowwhich grossed over $200 million in its opening weekend. But while Disney charged $30 for Black Widow, DuneUnless something changes, it will be free for anyone with an HBO Max login. To make an impact, it would have to either sell a lot of theater tickets or dramatically increase HBO Max subscriptions — or both.

Based on this trailer, it’s heading towards the first. Dune Coming out on October 22nd and as long as there’s no further spike in coronavirus infections (Get vaccinated, you all! Do it for Dune!), the movie will be shown on as many screens as possible. next Black WidowRelease the National Association of Theater Owners issued a statement He basically says that Disney left money on the table by putting the movie on the streaming service. There is no doubt that some are afraid Dune On HBO Max it could do the same, but if this trailer is any indication, Villeneuve is here to shoot the moon. Fear is a mind killer.

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