Twitch Watch Party now works on iOS and Android

After last year Twitch users can now access the platform’s “Watch Party” feature on Android and iOS devices. Watch Parties allows Twitch users to stream content from Amazon Prime Video as if they were a video game. Viewers can follow the TV show or movie as it is appearing and participate in the chat.

Previously, Watch Party was only available through Twitch’s web client. As you might imagine, there are some To prevent people from watching Prime Video content for free. To get started, both the person streaming and watching the video need an active Prime Video subscription to participate. Regional restrictions also apply, so no one can stream a TV show or movie that isn’t available in their local Prime Video library. But even when you take these limitations into account, there aren’t a lot of features that match what Twitch has with Watch Party. After all, it’s something the company can only offer because .

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